Basically the Watermelon Without Cutlass or Hoe Business Now Bringing In Over N1,000,000 every 75days can be Summarized into These simple Steps below.

preparation => planting => chemical application => harvesting => Profits


At this stage, a tractor will be hired to mechanically prepare the soil.


Immediately after the mechanical preparation, the hybrids of 100grs or 500grs is planted.


What it looks like after 30days


What it looks like after 70days

N500,000 Plus was made from the first sales of his production. With mastering and improvement, he now does over N1,000,000 every 75days.

First, You'll see the complete income break down in a special report on how he does this easily each season.

Of course, there are more to how he does it talking about

  • The imported hybrid seeds used and how to source for them locally

  • How he hires an hectare of land for N2,500 from some government agencies and how you too can get one from any part of the country

  • How to do the preparation thingy mechanically

  • The names of the chemicals used and how they are applied.

  • Plus the specific shops where to get any of these items and materials from.

  • Overall best practices and how he market his produce buyers etc.

And these one will be sent to you shortly to you.

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