Do you know this fruit?



Here's How The Fruit Can Make You Rich!


As rich as you want... without touching a cutlass or a hoe.

I know you're struggling to believe that... because I did too

"I'm not talking about those traditional time-consuming and energy-zapping agro businesses that make you only peanuts after so many months of sowing...

But about creating a solid and steady INCOME source that you and your family could
FOREVER live on"


I know you're struggling to believe that...

Me too if I had been told before I discovered this simple watermelon business without touching cutlass secret I will be revealing to you now.

You know why?

You see, most people think you need to be as rich as OBJ, Dangote, Ojemei,  etc to make good-enough-money that will impact and change your life from agro business.

... and most still go around with the erroneous belief that making money from agro business is laborious; requiring considerable time and effort.

I use to think that way too, hence the major reason I've neglected this area for cool income source for years. Blind me :)

This same business took a struggling rank and file police officer in one of the police officer's mess (location - withheld) from nothing to become N1.2m richer in 78 days.

And, also made a frustrated 2.1 UNIBEN economics & statistics Graduate resigned from his security job and become a watermelon millionaire in 73 days

How? before I get to reveal this golden secret to you, just know that...

These watermelon millionaire successes...

  • happened within short 70 - 80 days

  • And without they having to touch anything like cutlass or a hoe other than to apply some cheap chemicals and dishing out instructions

And you too can do the same just within a couple of days regardless of where you leave or what you do at the moment.


Who am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Well, my name is Jerrywhyte Obamwonyi and I'm a farmer.

are you shocked?....

Obj is farmer I mean Baba Iyabo Obasanjo (Obasanjo Farms),

Alinko Dangote of Dangote Farms is a also farmer.. Even Abdusalami Abubakar of MAIZUBE FARMS is a farmer too.

And many others too numerous to mention here.

One thing is noticeably common among these smart guys.

They run their agro-related business with a difference.... even while they have other biz empire they actively monitor.


What're They Doing Differently?

They utilize one modern method or the other that easily make them truck-load of cash from these f-things without touching a cutlass or a hoe... but only inspection.

Just like the secret watermelon millionaire without touching cutlass business I'm revealing to you here now.

A simple agro-business you start with as little as 31k and make your first N500,000 - N1m within a short 70 - 80 days...

...without touching a cutlass than to dish out instructions on how some cheap chemical substances readily available in most local shops near you are applied.

Below are some of the most recent evergreen pictures we took randomly from our scientific method grown watermelon fruits without touching a cutlass or hoe.


Just 60 days utilizing our own systemic chemical method


Barely 60days utilizing our own in-house chemical method


Barely 65days - Just few more days to when the profits start rolling in.

The amazing thing that makes this a perfect biz model sort of for you unlike other agro-related biz.

Is, apart from being grown wholly and using a new special scientific method to set up a thriving watermelon production biz like this without touching a cutlass or any other boring crude implements is that.

In most seasons especially well done at a strategic time, our produce usually get booked for purchase even before their production cycle is complete.

I think this is simply because watermelon the magic fruit as I fondly call it owing to the speed at which it can change anyone's life from nothing to something

All within a short period of time is a widely-sought-after fruit generally loved by many because of it over 20 nutritional and medicinal benefits.

If a Common Security Staff Can Do It in 73 Days, Trust Me You Too Can... Even Better!

Can you still recall the awesome story I shared with you about one of my watermelon business without cutlass protege; Osagie

Ok if you can't anymore, here's a quickie one about him again.

Osagie graduated from Uniben with a clean 2.1 in Economics/Statistics, and after 3 years of fruitless job hunting, he decided to take up "security job" with the same school...taking home only N25,000 per month

You know all those guys that dress in up and down uniforms and stand at the entrance... with some sticks in their hand like they're want to go on local bush hunting.

Some time in 2010, Osagie accidentally ran into me in a motor park in Benin city.... and that was what led to a huge turn around for him.


To cut the long story short.

Osagie shared with me all he has passed through as a job seeker, and I was left with no option than to help.

I placed him on a thorough tutelage. Practical one this time.

And at the end, Osagie was able to use turn his little savings of N30,400 to produce 1,800 pieces of viable watermelon fruits.

A tiny investment that turned into N522,000 within his first 73 days in the business.

Doing nothing really special or hard.

And he followed the exact method to double and triple his tiny investment after his 2nd and 3rd time of running this exact business.


The Breakdown...

After doing all the plus and minuses.

Osagie was able to get 1800 quality pieces of watermelon balls at the end of the day, excluding the "baje" ones.

The 1800 good ones were sold at different prices depending on the sizes.

The lowest price per ball went for N180

The highest goes for N400 per ball.

Taking, the average N180 + N400/2 = N290 Per watermelon

N290 x 1800 pieces = N522,000


Hitting 1 Million Naira in 73 Days

After testing the waters with his 1 leg, he made more than twice of his initial returns in another production cycle usually between 70 - 80 days by scaling slightly and repeating the exact steps.

Remember, all of these he conveniently do amidst is busy schedule as a security post keeper all simply by using some improved chemical substances and without touching anything like cutlass or those boring crude traditional working tools.

And oh yes, the few times he had to visit the farms were purely on inspection purposes.

Like you'll see shortly.

Labourers loading some of our harvested watermelon without touching a cutlass or a hoe fruits to market.



Another ford being loaded this the same day with our watermelon without touching a cutlass fruits.



A cross section of sorted heap of our watermelon without touching a cutlass fruits at a potential market



Some wholesalers and retailers having an after-sale discussion with our negotiator at a potential market.


Watermelon made me an Enviable Civil Servant

Your scientific watermelon Guide and Program works like charm, at first I was reluctant hoping it was one of those traditional agrobusiness that takes donkey years to make you peanut.


Within my 1st 3months I've made more than what would have cost me years of frugal savings.


I'm looking forward to scaling up this business as soon as possible and making it a solid alternate income source so that I, my darling wife and 2 children can be able to live a much more comfortable life.

Mr Adebayo Olofinyokun.

Ibadan, Oyo State.


 An A-Z Manual Guide Exposes The Exact Secret on How You Too Can Become a Millionaire Within Short 70 - 80 Days From Watermelon Business Anywhere In Nigeria Without Touching a Cutlass or Hoe Than to Dish Out Instructions on How Some Cheap Simple Chemicals are Used.

At last, after giving due consideration to the much "abeg" calls & emails as result of Osagie's, watermelon millionaire success story.

And because reducing and ending poverty is a collective responsibility by all.

I've decided to show and help 30 lucky people with the same watermelon business without touching a cutlass secret that will make anyone truly serious a watermelon millionaire within 70 - 80 days only.


Inside this watermelon business growing ebook, you'll discover and learn everything about this business.

Things like....

  • The proven steps you will follow to make your first N500,000 - 1 Million Naira or more  within your first 70 - 80 days setting up your own systemized watermelon without cutlass business starting with a tiny capital of 31k. Plus a simple inside out tips on how you could easily double or even triple this PROFITS in another 70 - 80 days.


  • How you can easily and quickly source for a place with space of any size anywhere either from government agencies or private individuals cheaply and have it prepared mechanically. This will certainly change the way you see watermelon business, believe me.


  • How and where to get quality and original hybridized variety watermelon seeds from some specific local shops near you or we have it ordered and delivered to your doorsteps. This special seeds variety plays a great role to what you eventually make at the end of the day. The particular one to use and the ones you must avoid.


  • The specific periods of the year that guarantees amazing production which is most likely going to get you the greatest yield possible. Run the business anytime, you may end up making only peanuts.


  • The various chemicals and their pricelist that you will use for treatment and that will efficiently help you get rid of diseases, insects, and the quantity for accurate measurement and how they are applied plus the specific local shops to get them easily. This instantly help put these enemy of watermelon business off your watermelon production zone.


  • How you can get the special chemicals used for getting rid of  the weeds using our own invented in-house systemized cover-flitting. Just spray this chemical with water and you will not have to worry about anything like weeds etc. again till the production cycle for the season is over.


  • The names of the recommended cheap simple yield enhancing chemicals in liquid and solid forms that you're going to use to increase the size of your produce. This simple but highly effective chemicals will cause you to get more of extra-large size produce which greatly affect how much you make in this business.


  • And the %100 FREE and highly effective alternative natural materials that can equally be used in the place of watermelon yield enhancing chemicals and how it's used correctly.


  • The #1 easy strategy that instantly increase the numbers of pollinators flying around with buzzling sounds in droves. This will help increase the  produce quantity by over 62%. Plus the newly discovered Chinese chemical that turns anything flower into fruit once sprayed.


  • My 3 simple no guess-work yet almost fool-proof way to detect if your watermelon produce are fully ripe. Take unripe produce to buyers and they will either out rightly reject or overly under-priced them. This lead to avoidable loss of potential profits.


  • The closely guarded down-to-earth techniques that guarantees incredible sales with unbeatable PROFITS each and every time within few minutes immediately a potential buyer sets his eyes on your produce plus why you should never sell off your produce to buyers/dealers directly if you ever want to maximize BIG returns at the end of the day even if they are on their knees begging you. Don't worry, I'll show you why.


  • Plus a complete lists of markets across most Cities in Nigeria where you're are most likely going to double your PROFITS simply by just following a quick jumpstart template and directory that I've already crafted for you to copy and paste.


  • And lots more.


I Eventually Become A Watermelon Millionaire Within Few Weeks.

Meeting you at Iyaro Park was a divine arrangement and not a co-incidence.


You helped me become a watermelon millionaire within few months this was after so many years of my fruitless job hunting as a 2.1 Ecostats graduate of the University of Benin. 


God will richly reward and increase you for revealing and not hiding the secret and the steps from me sir. 

Osagie Obaretin

Benin City.


In fact, I'm revealing everything it will absolutely take you to easily and quickly setup your own thriving watermelon without cutlass business and at least hit your first N500,000 - N1m naira target within 70 - 80 days by simply following my step-by-step walkthroughs.

You Will Not Get This Anywhere Else


The Big Question:

"How Much Will This Step by Step A-Z Pictorial Watermelon Business Guide Cost Me?

If you're the type that is serious in changing things around you by taking full responsibility and accountability of your God given life instead leaving it at the mercy of our clueless misrule government blaming them for not fixing things up.

For you to enjoy the the kind of quality life you rightly deserve that you've always dreamed of living on earth... You should already recognize the amazing value I've put together.

And you would probably already know that similar programs or course - if put together by just about anybody else - would likely be priced at least =N=20,000 (coaching, mentoring and ebooks).

I certainly wouldn't have any trouble pegging this easy new guaranteed income system - watermelon millionaire in 70 - 80 days without touching cutlass business at that price if I want.

However - my goal with this course is not to maximize profits.

For this simple reason,  I'm not going to charge you that much never!

How about =N=15,000? That will still be high for most people.

Okay I think leaving this life-changing course at =N=10,000 is a great price. I mean you would make a profit of N500,000 - N1m naira in your first 75 days (that's just within short few weeks)

Much more importantly, you can always easily double, triple or even quadruple your profits in another 73 days production cycle as you want. So I believe =N=10,000 is a fair enough amount to ask you to pay for this life changing guide.


But Guess What?

I'm not still going to charge you the =N=10,000!

Even if that's what would be the fair amount to ask for, I won't do that. Rather here's what I've decided to take from you so you can get the entire materials and packages within the next few minutes.

Just pay the small sum of

=N=4,999 Naira only!


That is the GOOD NEWS!

The bad news is, this rock bottom price of this material is only available to just 30 people.

Once this number is filled, I will either close this offer or increase the price to the normal price.

Now you are happy with that now don't you?

I bet you do!

Now here's what to do next to your own copy of this watermelon business without cutlass package:


STEP ONE: Take any any of these payment details and pay in =N=4,999 into:

OPTION 1 (Direct Bank Deposit/Transfer)

Account Name: Fastlane Marketing Services
GTBank Acct. No.: 014-166-7462        (current)
Firstbank Acct. No.: 202-714-3999      (current)

After payment, send an email message (not text message please!) with


OPTION 2 (ATM Card Payment)

If you hate standing in long boring bank queues, you can also pay now instantly using your ATM Card by clicking on the image below and download your material instantly. No Waiting, No queuing!! No holdup!!!


STEP TWO: Once you follow any of the two payment methods above, we will receive your order and process it promptly.


Before I Forget! Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Full Money Back!


If after going through the Watermelon Business without cutlass material and you feel the info therein has no VALUE for your money in return about the business as stated, kindly notify me and I'll REFUND your full money back to you with no question asked.

So it shall never be said we stole somebody's money..... Never.


Other Unsolicited Testimonial From Our Happy Customers






When you order your own copy of A-Z Watermelon Business Without Touching Cutlass Guide today, I'll send to you  for FREE my special new report titled How to Get Private & Government Lands With as Little as N2500  For Agricultural Purposes Anywhere In Nigeria.





You'll also get my last watermelon millionaire training business without touching cutlass  presentation slides.



Now you have two choices here,

To grab your copy right away before the 30 copies all fly away or to ignore.

If you get your copy, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.

If you decide not to, it will be stupid, but that's still a choice. We'll respect it.

Ehm... by the way




God bless!

Jerry Obamwonyi


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