How a Poor 29-yrs-old Edo Guy Found a Weird Watermelon Business Secret that is Now Making Him Over N1,000,000 Every 75days Without Using Cutlass or Hoe

Osagie was just a security staff at the Ogbowo campus of the University of Benin, Edo state.

The same university he graduated from as an eco. & statistics graduate who could not get a better job



 After 4yrs of fruitless job hunting.

His nothing to write home about story cut short.

Luckily for him, he ran into me coincidentally at the ever busy Benin Iyaro park.

He was going for a job interview in Lagos while I was going for a speaking engagement.

It was on Friday, July 2011 to be precise. I struck a conversation with him as we were sitting close to each other right behind the driver's seat.

At the end of the successful job interview, he was not selected on the ground that he was above 24yrs and the company needed somebody under this age to fill the job position.

His hope was dashed after he had lost the Job again.

And he's not regretting it at all....

Cos' he found something 1000 times better.

His encounter with me led him into something that suddenly changed his life.

He landed a simple watermelon business secret that is now making him over N1,000,000 every 75days without using cutlass or hoe.


From this 500grs seeds, he was now on a better part to generating a 7-figure income.

Something that would have taken him over 2years of frugal saving of his tiny security job salary to gather.

Now being earned  in just 75days days of doing the watermelon without using cutlass or hoe mega agrobusiness


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